Saturday, September 17, 2005

south dakota vs. san antonio

i recently returned from a few days in san antonio with the congregational staff.

even though i have been back for a few days, i think it is only today that my sweat glands have stopped working overtime.

san antonio kicks south dakota's butt in humidity--between 90-100 percent every day we were there. that kind of humidity only occurs about 7 days in a summer in sodak. however, san antonio is a beautiful and proud city that has done some remarkable city planning and maintained some sense of architectural integrity in the midst of a budding tourism industry.

but what about the letters to the editor in the san antonio express-news? granted, my sample was a little small, but i seemed to find similar issues being covered by the letter writing populace in san antonio and south dakota (by the way, if you think comparing a city and a state is a stretch, san antonio has the bigger population by about 400,000 people). anecdotally, the ratio of ignorance seemed to be about the same as sodak--only the ignorance in san antonio held a significant cosmetic upgrade. if you're a dork like me and don't have anything else better to do, compare letters to the editor in the argus leader and the news express. i would enjoy your observations.

but i won't hold my breath.

have a happy.

rev. smales

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