Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sabbath practice and sermons

Another colleague of mine known as Theobilly and THE c.a.b. posted this comment:

Rev. Smails,

Amen. If not for Sunday nothing would ever get done in my pastoral life.

So how do you celebrate/observe the Sabbath on Friday?

I just try to stay around the house and play with the kids, I like to take a walk but not always possible. I struggle with the whole keeping sabbath deal. but i would like to.

why not post a sermon or two on the blog?

i want to see the simpsons episode with prarie home companion. it took me awhile to get the hang of the show.


Sabbath practice begins with work stoppage (Walter Brueggemann reminds me of this). The biggest temptation is to read church email--so I put the halt on that practice. Sabbath has become more difficult since the pastor with whom I sleep has been working feverishly on her Doctor of Ministry--every free moment goes into homework and thesis. Even time away from school work the work hangs like a cloud. We used to keep each other on sabbath pretty well--it was a play day, movies, walks, etc. Another sabbathesque practice takes place on Sundays--we try not to buy anything. I can fudge on that, but my womanpanion is rather strict about that.

On posting sermons...some of my colleagues cringe when I say I do not write my sermons. From one who cares about writing as I do, my sermon preparation goes against my writing avocation. I am not sure if my sermons would make any sense beyond me, and on a good day, my congregation.

I shall consult the Simpson's geeks I know and see if they know of what episode I speak.

I am off to play volleyball this afternoon--a good Sunday practice--my temptation during the afternoon is to lay around like a log.


Rev. Smails

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