Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Response to a shakeup in the organization

My friend Theobilly has decided to evaluate his organizational priorities and shuffle his favorite blogs.

I don't want to be sent to the minors! Elmira is a hell hole!

Since my circulation would be even more suspect without my Theobilly connection, I need to inform my readers that I have lived the past several weeks on the injured reserve. Real injuries of joint, muscle and bone need not prevent me from writing. In fact, my writing in times of physical injury allow greater space in my disposition for writing. In reading a compelling memoir of Maryann Buck Carver, first wife of the late, great short story writer Raymond Carver, I learned that a certain amount of instability in his home life prevented Ray the space for his mind and pen to roam free. I appreciate Carver's need for some stability for the creative process. Life with my wife and daughter has occupied most thoughts in August and early September. Since our recent rehab assignment to the University of Minnesota, I am ready to come back to the big club and contribute to the Theobilly team of crack(pot) observers of life.

Life is better in that we have a developing routine. Good for our household and outlook.

Check in with me in late October/early November when the baby comes. At least I will have a few weeks to write. I miss the writing life. I never wanted to leave it in the first place--but at least I won't judge myself for the break.



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