Thursday, January 25, 2007


What Would You Do With A Cross That Sucks?

This year I am devoting significant energy toward clutter removal in my household. My goal: remove/recycle 10 pieces of unneeded crap from the household per day (BTW, this is NOT a New Year's Resolution). As I remove kitch, junk, low priority knick knacks, etc., I am finding all kinds of crosses (I am thankful not to have the one pictured). Today I found a rainbow cross eraser that my daughter probably received at a fair at church. I have a hard time throwing crosses away, no matter how much they suck (maybe I COULD throw away a flag cross). Trivializing the cross seems to be a much grander offense than disposing of a cross.

My wife and I were in the midst of our seminary training when we were married, so many folks took it upon themselves to give us the wedding/marriage cross (with the two rings in the middle). We only have so much space in our house for wall hangings--if we hung up all of the crosses or even some of the crosses we have received we might end up like the congregation I am serving right now--with images of Jesus in the men's restroom watching all partakers of the urinals empty their bladders. Yes, in my congregation, Jesus watches you pee. I suppose I should be thinking about Jesus when I pee, but sometimes I have a one track mind--like on my aim.

Perhaps these surplus crosses will go to the goodwill, so that others can think about the cross while they urinate.


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