Friday, January 30, 2009

substitute teaching

I recently posted about my numerous jobs over the past 18 months. Each job has given me added perspective to life and the world. Substitute teaching high school English is the most enjoyable. I concur with the proverb that teachers learn much more than their students. An admired writer, Keith Law (check out "The Dish" in my suggested links) and these high school students has moved me to read more literature. I have been a bit narrow in my reading over the past several years--reading mostly sociology of religion, geography, or my favorite authors, Bill Bryson, Raymond Carver and Douglas Coupland.

Thanks to my students and their teachers for my continued thought about To Kill A Mockingbird and the poem The Unknown Citizen. I appreciate positive endeavors that continue to inspire thought. Each of these pieces inspire my thoughts today and continue to do so. I loved English in high school--it was probably my best subject outside of journalism. But I did not read nearly as much as I should have. I have never be a prolific reader--sitting still is not my gift. I don't bring extensive knowledge of literature as a substitute teacher, but I can help build a quick bridge between the English readings and daily life. I have learned in ministry how much good stories and their context speaks truth and wisdom to life. Though not an English scholar, my weekly task of connecting truth in literature to daily life has allowed me to connect with both the congregations I serve and the students in South Dakota high schools.

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