Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Finally back in business after 24 years

In 1979 at Kennydale Elementary School, I published the first edition of "The Mad House Gazette."

The Mad House Gazette was the name of my newspaper I produced for my 2nd grade class and continued to publish under various names through the 6th grade. I just decided that's what I would call it. With the help of my teacher, a Ditto Master and the school secretary--I could generate a forum for many kinds of ideas. That publication began my quest to become Editor In Chief of Time Magazine. This never came to fruition, but now I can once again work under the same principle--a forum for many kinds of ideas.

I get a lot of ideas. Occasionally good ones.

Maybe this blog would be indirectly helpful to my wife, 'cause then she wouldn't always have to deal with the deluge of ideas that come forth. She has always been great, but she needs a break at times.

Enjoy at your leisure.

Pastor Smails

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LizzieDarcy said...

You have started for the same reasons I did.

Now we will live like kings! Damn Hell Ass Kings!