Sunday, December 04, 2005

Citgo politics heating up

The Cold War made inquiries into politics of the left-right continuum a secretive chess game with propeganda pawns. Gathering information in the 00's is not a stealth activity. The apathy of the American public about acquiring news creates the road block to intelligent public discourse today. We no longer have the Iron Curtain to blame for any lack of knowledge.

I recently wrote that I was going to be buying Citgo products more often in response to the populist move to provide Citgo heating oil for some impoverished residents of Massachusetts at a reduced rate. My brother Bingo did not like that I called Chavez wacky. I still think he is. Though Chavez portrays himself as a champion of the poor, he creates conditions that subsidize gasoline to the point of irresponsibile environmental degradation. Petrol at ~15 cents per gallon seems dangerous. Chavez makes classic populist moves. I find that George W. Bush's conclusion that Chavez is threatening to U.S. interests laughable--and the apathy of the American public will carry this through. Bush must think he can stir similar anti-left sentiment the way Reagan used to denounce more quality Latin American advocates for the poor like Daniel Ortega. What is amusing is that you have two heads of state running cults of personality proclaiming each other dangerous. Cults of personality are dangerous in general. The problem with Bush is that he has access to many more weapons and resources, and he happens to enjoy destruction.

A colleague and friend recently identified me as a pugilist. I took that to mean I will use provocation to encourage discussion.

Fair enough.

The fact that I drove an extra two miles to buy Citgo gasoline last night is not a statement of allegiance to Hugo Chavez (although a Bushite might say it is...I do not care). Conversations about poverty and how it can be addressed need to happen. Until conventional wisdom is disrupted and typical patterns of thought are redirected (including the tired usage of the left-right political continuum), renewal will be slow to happen.

However, my faith does not place hope in the renewal of society through government. Or the market. I am a benefactor of both the government and the market. I ask God that I can be made into a faithful participant in both--doing justice, loving kindness and walking closely with my God.

In the meantime, I'll also remain a pugilist.

I am surprised to find interest in the politics of Citgo. Maybe I shouldn't be:

Even someone in South Dakota has taken interest.

I certainly was not the first one to think about buying Citgo products.

Captain Capitalism said that Kennedy-loving liberals and Democrats would be flocking would be flocking to Citgo.

I may be going to Citgo--but I don't care for the Kennedys, and I'm not a Democrat.

But I do participate in the market. I am going to buy Citgo gas.

And other Citgo stuff.


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