Friday, December 16, 2005

Wanderlust longing creates Yukon dreams

When XM Radio picked up Major League Baseball in its lineup, I began to question my investment in Sirius. Howard Stern and Martha Stewart will not attract my listening time, and I could live without NFL Football if forced to make a choice (but believe me, am I ever on the Seattle Seahawks bandwagon). I like the music stations, and the BBC, Air America and the diversity of American opinion is a worthwhile investment. I can also listen to collegiate sports.

A few weeks ago, Sirius picked up CBC Radio, and has added an all-Canadian music channel known as "Iceberg." I was thrilled. Sounds Like Canada in the morning and As It Happens in the evening. These radio shows remind me of what NPR and the BBC used to be. I remember turning on these broadcasts over the years and depended on stories that covered the continents in a way that no other media outlet covered. In a 12-hour window I had stories on Kazakhstan, Uruguay and Ireland. At some point NPR and BBC became overly devoted to stories from the Middle East as if George W. Bush himself were calling the shots. If I wanted most of the stories in a publication or broadcast to cover the Middle East and American politics, I can read Time or Newsweek. I need perspective. I get caught up in my own world easily and my mind can turn to mush.

Last week, Sounds Like Canada, the morning show on CBC Radio One broadcast from Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory. One of the journalists set up shop in a local bar to talk about the future of mining in the Yukon. Many are anticipating a boom similar to the 1800's when Whitehorse was about the size of San Fransisco. I also learned about a Newfoundland band on the show called Great Big Sea. I only heard one song ("Captain Kidd")--it was a hearty song took me to memories of many boat rides on the Puget Sound. I love the salt air--I could almost taste it with that song.

Brother Bingo once talked with me several years ago about cheap land available in the Yukon...I Googled extensively on the subject, but could find no links. I can dream. I may not own the land--but I am ready for a trip to Whitehorse, Dawson and eventually see the Newfies in St. John's for a lager while I listen to Great Big Sea. I hope my family--any of them--would like to join me.


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