Friday, June 26, 2009

Listening...(June 26, 2009 edition)

My music playlist has shifted a bit in the last two weeks. Between Starbucks, the free iTunes downloads, and splurging about three dollars on downloads, I'm putting a little variety in my listening habits. It's not a large departure, but at least the songs are different.

No listening habit can eclipse the songs going on in my head, thanks to my daughters and PBS Kids. I learn I am not the only parent suffering from the infinite PBS playlist. We get together and sing the Sid The Science Kid opening song. Jingle writers and children's TV song writers are the greatest under the radar artists in society. Their ability to get something in the heads of millions is uncanny. When I think of all the songs that make my playlists and compare them to jingles and children's TV shows, the latter makes many more tracks on the soundtrack of life.

If the CD/playlist/album was called, "Moving Back To King County" the track list would look like this

"Rug Time" Teacher Suzie from Sid The Science Kid
"Curious George Opening Song"
"Martha Speaks Opening Song"
"I'm Looking For My Friends" Sid The Science Kid
"Word Girl Opening Song"
"Dragon Tales Opening Song"
"Earn Enough For Us" XTC (We're still trying to sell our house--big theme song)
"Revival" Me Phi Me
"Everywhere" Michelle Branch (Those damn Chase commercials)
"Into The Great Unknown" Mary Fahl
"Bad Day" Barenaked Ladies
"Jai Ho" Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack (A favorite of child #2, "Listen to Jai Ho, Daddy?)

The PBS songs are far more infectious, and sometimes the girls and I will sing these songs like we're living in a musical. We can see a rug, or go sit down somewhere to talk, and we break into singing "Rug Time." I used to think musicals were silly in my younger life, but I'm beginning to understand their artistic value more and more each day.

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