Friday, June 12, 2009

A temperature paradox

After living in Swelterville, USA (South Dakota) with no places to hide from the heat (except my basement), I have a few things better and a few things worse in the Puget Sound area.

1. Not many homes have air conditioning in the Puget Sound area, so the house is cooled off with fans and strategically opened and closed windows and blinds. Sometimes this technique doesn't do the trick.

2. My daughters and I had a nice nature walk in a shaded wood to a lake, that was some relief from the warming sun.

3. At least in South Dakota, the air conditioning in my basement was a dependable refuge, but there was literally no place to hide: few bodies of water for cooling purposes close by, and few tree covered areas to provide helpful shade.

4. We always have the beach nearby with the cooling waters of the Puget Sound.

I'm a wuss. I still love my air conditioning, and for the mean time, we will enjoy the pool at our rental. Not a bad Friday night!

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