Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A sad realization: web browsing with Safari 4 (my first meager attempt to comment on tech)

I generally appreciate Apple products--their interface, their functionality, their ease of use. I strongly dislike Safari 4, mainly because I can't use it--it feels like I'm partying on my computer like it's 1999. That is, I'm waiting for what seems like minutes to get into the browser. Even when I get into it, eons elapse before I can navigate anywhere.

Granted, my Mac Mini is going on 4 years old--filled with music, pictures and software. I thought I was doomed to buying more hard drive space or, perish the thought, a new computer (not possible on the Frugal Rule right now). My back up option for web sites that don't want to work with Safari has been Firefox for about 3 years. Firefox opens and navigates quickly and is now my first choice for browser over Safari for the first time since I left Internet Explorer around 2003. The difference was negligible with Safari 3, but it's a huge difference now. I'm not sure why Safari performance on my Mini has slipped so much--did Mozilla do better work or is Apple with Safari dealing with its Apple Luddites?

Though I haven't investigated much, some find hangups with Safari 4, but with Apple prices coming down so much, maybe I will remain behind the times longer until I can save enough money for the Apple power I want. I am not willing to sell my soul for something that will be cutting edge for 2 weeks. My relationship with Apple is not in jeopardy--I began my relationship with Apple around 1980 at computer camp in Seattle, where I sat around writing simple programs with an Apple computer and printing things on a dot matrix printer. Talk about brand loyalty, I came home and got my hands on a computer whenever I could. When I couldn't do that, I made computers out of cardboard boxes my Dad brought home from Albertson's.

I'm disappointed with Apple because I've never been disappointed with anything Apple. They've had me for almost 30 years (You had me at 'Hello!'). It would take a lot to lose me, especially after that ghastly 2-year relationship with a PC.

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