Tuesday, October 04, 2005

John Thune's comments on Supreme Court nominee

Many South Dakota liberals (not that big of a group) thought the apocalypse might be upon us when Tom Daschle was defeated by John Thune. I am no fan of John Thune. I have a hard time looking at the guy. I can't really say exactly why. I just do. When I drive into Sioux Falls and see a sign that says "Home of U.S. Senator John Thune" I will do something more pleasant, like stare directly into the sun.

That being said, I have come to some peace with John Thune being Senator. He truly represents South Dakota views. He should be the senator if that is the way people will vote. I will not be a life long resident of South Dakota. But when I think he is flat out wrong, I am going to say so.

In an Associated Press article, Thune questioned Bush's nominee Harriet Miers. He was hoping Bush would choose someone in the mold of Scalia or Thomas. It doesn't matter if I think Scalia and Thomas are buffoons--can't Miers be her own person? I am far from being a Bush apologist. I would like to be real here. The Republicans hold the cards and Bush will get his nominee through, most likely. I want to speak to this from a perspective of an interim pastor who works with the legacies left by others. One of the most destructive things any organization can do is look for someone "in the mold" of someone else. God created Harriet Miers as her own person. It is destructive to hold expectations that someone will be in a "mold" of someone else. God created people uniquely and they contribute to community based on what God has given them. At least that is always what I hope for and support in any organization I participate or watch. The organization of the Supreme Court should recognize and incorporate Miers' own gifts--not form her to someone else's mold. Congregations, sports teams, businesses, committees, what have you--people should be what God created them to be. Think of a time you have followed someone in the workplace. Doesn't it stink to have expecations attached to someone else laid at your feet?

To seek someone who fits in someone else's mold is wrong.

Thune may have questions about Miers' standards, but he should direct his energies away from Thomas and Scalia.

John Thune is wrong.

Rev. Smails

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