Sunday, October 30, 2005

Worshiping at the cathode cathedral: recovering from a (literally) shaky sermon

One of my favorite professors at seminary--a fine Old Testament scholar--used to talk about how he would have been a much better scholar if he didn't spend so much time in front of the "cathode cathedral." I took great comfort in that confession during the 2-3 times I slacked off from my studies while in seminary (tongue planted firmly in cheek).

I just spent another Sunday evening of vegging watching Grey's Anatomy. Another hour of my life that I won't get back. If I don't get in to Boston University, I am going to blame it on Ellen Pompeo's sorry excuse for acting (I can't miss a train wreck like that). How did she get to be the lead character? Then again, if Ellen Pompeo can become the lead actress in a network television drama, then maybe I can get into Boston U. I'm still waiting for Sandra Oh to beat the crap out of someone like she did in Sideways. That was cool.

I would have been better off reading, but I have so much fluid packed into my sinus region that it hurts to think. This was a problem in my sermon today. Sermon #1 was a B. Sermon #2 became an excercise in maintaining equilibrium. I had that clammy sweat going, voice almost gone and drifting in and out of the head spins. I almost wasn't sure if I was going to connect the theological dots and get out of the sermon.

I know that people are not generally going to feel compassion for my severe congestion condition. This is something that I brought on myself after a stupid travel schedule that I completed 2 weeks ago, tied in with my feeble attempts to "prove myself" to this congregation that gave me a great opportunity. Some things in my life must change. Peeling myself away from the Ellen Pompeo train wreck is a small step. There will be other changes.

I must rest and prepare for another 75 minutes of fun having my gums scraped in the morning.

Stay classy, blog readers.

Beavis, Butthead (coming out on DVD...) and Elihu, maybe I'll be Rev. Dr. Elihu if I stop watching crap like Grey's Anatomy.

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