Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Connection with my idealistic tendencies

I admire people who read well. Their libraries are stocked with a variety of genres with ability to make poignant references in conversations without sounding like a book snob--it is merely a desire to access the literary gifts of others into public and private discourse for the pure edification of ideas and their development. I admire stewards of the written word.

I struggle to read well. Consistency is the issue. I wish I knew more about literary classics. I could stand to be better versed in theology. There are so many good ideas in the world, yet so little time to ponder their breadth.

I begin reading many books. I finish few of those books. Now that I have some income, stacks of magazines, books and articles do not mock me any longer--they either take their place in a handsome form of storage, or I ignore the mocking and simply quit collecting.

One article never mocked me, yet I could not throw it away. I wanted to throw it away because it was a cover article in Time Magazine.

"How to End Poverty."


Those who know me well know me as an idealist. My Meyers-Briggs Type preferences are INFP. Supposedly this means my hallmark in life is idealism. I don't go for blind idealism. The Time article sat on a short stack (meaning that I could actually read it) for 4 months or so before I finally looked at it. I was skeptical. For idealism to move to active passion, quality ideas need to make the foundation. The ideas were good enough for me to buy the book highlighted in the article by Jeffery Sachs. I read about 15 pages while my daughter splashed around in the bath tonight. I may have moved farther along, but the little girl said "all done." This is part of my problem. Distraction happens easily. How long will it be before I pick up the book again?

My idealistic tendencies have been stirred. I hope that I can be stirred to greater action.


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