Friday, November 04, 2005

Weaning myself off of ESPN Radio

As a native of the Pacific Northwest and a sports fan--I am glad that in this day and age for the internet and sports radio. I can follow the Seattle Mariners, Seahawks, Sonics and the University of Washington in reading the Seattle Times and P-I online. I can also listen to the games on either satellite radio or through a web feed. I also listen to ESPN Radio to get other tidbits about what is going on with these teams.

Recently I had an epiphany that the ESPN radio thing became a sick attachment. I'm not sure what pointed me toward this reflection, but I tuned in to how much the broadcasters shout and imply that their topics are matters of life and death. I can't tell you the degree of elation I would experience if the Mariners won the World Series or the Washington Huskies won another national championship in football (not likely soon) or in basketball (a growing possibility). But I can't say that any of these topics warrant 24 hours worth of radio shouting. It is pure entertainment, nothing more. Since I don't aspire to be a hedonist, I realized that ESPN Radio wasn't making me any smarter--so I'm just checking in from time to time. will serve me adequately. I have merely moderated my ESPN radio time.

With all that empty airtime I have been listening to the BBC World Service. The Brits don't seem to do much shouting. This is good radio journalism. I still prefer the CBC, but I can't pick that up anywhere but through a web feed. Between the Monitor and the BBC--I have enjoyed the coverage--and I have learned many things as well. There is even some entertainment value. I love to hear a Brit say Addis Ababa.


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