Tuesday, November 01, 2005

An ode to the other pastor in my house, my wife

It is coming upon 4 a.m.

I am awake because my life is a bit out of whack because:

a. I have had my gums scraped as treatment for gum disease (I don't recommend gum disease as a hobby).
b. I have been ill for over a week--equilibrium toussled by massive amount of stuff in my sinus cavities, taking naps to recover, turning back my clocks, and generally not knowing what time it is.

My wife will attempt to get up in about an hour with hopes of continuing to work on a project for her Doctor of Ministry degree at Luther Seminary (our Alma Mater and the place where we met--but you won't find that on the LS website). She may not be the most organized person--but she goes about her work with grace, passion and a desire to connect all of these with her family life--life with me and life with her daughter. She facilitates good morale in any place she goes--a laugh or a smile is not far away in my wife's presence.

I hope that God provides her stamina to see this feeding of her gifts continues--I know she feels stress and the pull of many parts of her life. I know that many are clouded by the burdens of their minds--but if you have a prayer for my wife and her work, please offer that prayer. She is passionate about the action of caring for people--I love to watch that gift development grow.

Time to go back to bed.

Pastor Smales

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Ms Melly said...

You forgot one thing. Your wife is a total and complete babe.

And another thing...you so wouldn't be the man you are without her.

And another thing...no greater love has one for his wife, than to make her a latte on Friday morn.