Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Podcasts and Sermon Preparation

Today is crunch time for my Holy Week sermon preparation:

1. I drive 200 miles tomorrow afternoon to South Dakota Ranch Country to begin a series of 6 worship services and one session of confirmation.

2. That 200 miles means several things logistically: I do not have reliable access to a computer, web, or a theological library of any consequence.

3. My family is in the midst of a big change (more on that on another post), not to mention the flurry of activity associated with Holy Week in a two-pastor household.

Granted, I could have been preparing for these sermons for weeks: I know a pastor who plans out their sermons for 6 months, locking himself in a hotel room for a week. I don't think I could sanely work like this.

I don't think the value of the podcast for preachers can be understated. Sitting down for extended hours and studying is not really an option for me these days. Between audio Bible passages and Sermon Brainwave on I have accessed good thought provocation while I do the less mind occupying tasks of the day. Though I am not a huge proponent of multi-tasking, as long as I don't gorge myself on this practice, I find it quite reasonable. I think the consequences of homiletical multi-tasking preparation depend on how the rest of the preachers time is filled. If I continue to pray, read the Bible, attend to my primary relationships, write and read generally, I am still living the student and preacher life faithfully. If I watch too much television, play too many video games, watch too much sports (these are my vices--if you are a video game programmer or work for ESPN, then please, take these pursuits on to feed your family) then I am starving my sermon preparation.

I actually have some angles to work with for this weekend--and I am caring for my family.

May the remainder of your Holy Week be a blessed connection with God and with your communities.

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