Saturday, April 04, 2009

Snowed out

For the fourth time in over 10 years of preaching, I got snowed out from a worship service. Spring snow storms are a shifty bunch. We were told last weekend 6-12 inches of wet, heavy snow was on the way. Nothing for us, but 30 miles to the west received 14 inches. I prepared for my weekly trek with a survival kit (snow shovel, kitty litter, salt, snacks, blankets), only to be told by the good people of South Dakota Ranch Country to stay home. No forecaster even bothered to tell us how many inches. Only a blizzard warning. I-90 was closed around 4:30 pm. They knew better out on the ranches. This is my first relaxed weekend in over 3 months.

I like preaching, but the adrenaline rush and tension are noticeably absent this evening in a good way. I'll probably wake up at 4am wondering if I missed church. Sabbath is a good thing--I think my bodily hard drive needs defragmentation. I'll feel it at about 10 am tomorrow when I finally get around to dressing myself for the day.

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