Monday, April 20, 2009

I will only dream about the blue highways

Some trips are made for the blue highways. For all you road trip buffs out there, pick up a copy of William Least Heat Moon's Blue Highways This is a great non-fiction book. Probably on my never-published list of best non-fiction. I'll put that list together at a later date. My homiletic inspiration during Holy Week came from blue highways in South Dakota and a little bit of North Dakota. I'm not a highway snob--I'll take any highway I can get.

The interstates are their own cultural distinction. First of all, the change of terrain is compelling on its own. The trip with my family, for all its frustrations and lack of peace coming from the back seat is an opportunity to stay connected with my dear wife and ponder the road before us--both literally and figuratively.

We are moving from South Dakota and headed west. This was a long-imagined dream, now a reality. Not the kind of dream that on which I hang hope, but something to paint in my mind; a family gathered and nurtured with a grand background of outdoor beauty. For those who communicate with me regularly, the details need not be discussed here. Nor does the word "journey" need to be used. I loathe that word and all of its self-fulfillment connections in pop theology and "Christian" music. I am only thankful I can more easily gather with extended family, show my family value in some of the places I enjoyed growing up, while discovering more with them. This is only possible because My Dear Wife has a calling to follow and people willing to use her gifts. There would have been no other way to head west.

The interstate will be a good road to travel. I don't lament missing the blue highways--we need to reach our destination efficiently. I will only dream about the blue highways and travel them when I am invited to travel them.

You may not read any updates for longer than I have in several months--I worry about losing my momentum and getting caught in the seemingly urgent transition moments. I have high hopes to return to writing soon.

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