Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Found--a long, lost favourite cover by Annie Lennox

About 14 years ago, I bought a cassette single for my now wife; we were dating (still are), and I wanted to let her know I was paying attention to her favorite things. She is an Annie Lennox fan. On the day her new album was released, I went to local Best Buy and bought her the new single that we had heard on the radio "No More I Love You's." We still have that single in the few cassettes we have saved. The B-side of that single was a cover of the Joni Mitchell song, "Ladies of the Canyon." I ended up liking that song even more. I like songs that tell stories. Annie's voice adds so much to this song with her rich and haunting voice. Joni Mitchell is great--but Lennox is better for this song. In my opinion, this is one of my favorite cover songs of all time--I tend to not like them.

As far as I could find, Lennox's version was not available anywhere outside of the B-side. I have looked for this song often--to no avail. Until now.

I cut down on my music purchases over the past year or so, but I had to get this song. I enjoyed reading some of the publicity for this release. Lennox appears to be one of the most centered and sane popular musicians of her generation (I know this could be a PR fabrication--but I'm optimistic). I may have to check in with her blog on occasion. Not sure if I'll purchase the entire collection.

My dear wife still likes Annie Lennox, and we now enjoy a musician with some similar qualities (though not as prolific), Mary Fahl. A nice memory of my wife and a good listen for the day.

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