Thursday, February 19, 2009

Griffey back to Seattle: let the media swell continue...

Ken Griffey, Jr. is back in Seattle.

Sure, I didn't think it was the best baseball move, but Jack Z. has done a lot to earn my trust as a GM (like he cares). Leadership needs the trust of those who invest their social capital in organizational life so that they are able to survive when they inevitably make a wise, but unpopular decision. I know this in my own experience as a pastor. If this was the first move he made and had paid more money--this would have been a horrific baseball move. But this is a good situation--and I will join in the celebration of his return. Maybe I'll even take my daughter to a game this season when I head on out to the great Pacific Northwest.

I can resonate with my fellow Seattle sports fans after one of the worst sports years in the history of sports. It's important for personal morale to have something to look forward to in life. The Mariners will probably not be very good this year, but there are plenty of interesting story lines. I don't think many fans believe Griffey is the foundation for the transformation of the organization--but this is a great condiment for the hopeful baseball feast that is spring training.

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