Friday, February 20, 2009

The Long Run

The biggest adjustment in becoming a more intentional runner has not been moving away from the "go-all-out-as-far-as-possible-run" to the shorter run. The weekly "long run" is the new frontier for me. I ran cross-country in high school because I enjoyed running. I found any excuse possible to get out of the occasional 10-mile run. I even faked a few injuries to get out of those runs. To accomplish the long run, I learned to take walk breaks. Now I look forward to them--through these long runs, I look at my first race in 9 years with positive anticipation rather than doubt. I have nothing to prove to anyone regarding my athletic ability. I look forward to a racing atmosphere. I look forward to testing my progress. I look forward to see if I have gained any wisdom about my ability and its application.

Tomorrow I will run 9 miles--I look forward to the time to think, pray and test myself.

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