Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Narrowing my literature pick to 3

I have read a lot more than I thought. Unfortunately, I struggle to remember what I read.

Three out of the Keith Law top 100 books have caught my eye. If you feel like offering an opinion--feel free.

I've never read this book. It's supposedly funny. No other reasons.

Tess of the d'Urbervilles
I had to read this book for a second year English class at the University of Kansas. It was my real "welcome to college-level study" courses. We had to read about a one novel per week (never accomplished that in my life), with quizzes and papers along the way. The rude awakening was that I love English--and this professor was busting my chops to the point where I hated the subject. There were plenty of classes I hated in my freshman year--it was easy to dismiss those demands of my study. I was in pain hating this English prof. I was failing the class at midterm. I still had not learned the lesson of never missing class, and how hard I had to work--even if it was a subject I loved. This prof just about taught me how to be a student. I was failing the class at midterm, met with the professor, worked my ass off--rallied--and finished with a high C. I almost made a B. Tess was a book from early in the semester when I was pissed at this professor. All I can remember about this book was how pissed I was at him.

Funny thing is, as I taught To Kill A Mockingbird this fall in high school English, I used a few techniques I learned in English 209. I'm leaning toward Tess.

On The Road
I will give any book a chance that deals with wanderlust. Why did I not read this sooner?

I hope to start reading next week.

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