Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Target (Entry #4 in the madhousegazette South Dakota Lexicon)

The word target may mean something to shoppers all over the United States (except those in Vermont, and Target apologizes for not having a store there). South Dakota has its four Target stores where people travel sometimes hundreds of miles to shop there. I know this because I could look in the parking lot of the Sioux Falls Target and find license plates from all over South Dakota, and also from many counties in surrounding states.

For all of Target's popularity in South Dakota, it may not be the most popular target. Outside of Sioux Falls, almost any inanimate object can become a target for shooting practice. The most frequent targets are public trash receptacles and road signs. If I knew earlier I was building a photo lexicon of South Dakota, I would have taken photos of more examples of target practice. Even though South Dakota is a very gun friendly state, one doesn't see many gun racks in South Dakota, just evidence that guns are present in less obvious places like garbage cans and speed limit signs.

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Edward said...

And don't forget how Target is pronounced in the upper midwest too...