Saturday, March 07, 2009

Daylight Savings

I remember being one of the freaks who liked the spring Daylight Savings time change when I was a kid. It meant one less hour I had to spend in bed (wasn't much for sleep as a kid), it also meant that my Little League games were a lot less likely to be called because of darkness. In college, that attitude changed--one less hour to party at the bars! No! Actually, I was never really much of a bar hopper in college, so the time change didn't matter much to me.

More so than Groundhog Day or Labor Day, Daylight Savings is more of a sign that the seasons are changing--from warmness to coldness and vice versa. At least this is my outlook in the Midwest. I hope for a long spring, a short summer, and look forward to the return of the snow. I didn't notice the temperature change all that much in the Pacific Northwest. I could always go outside if I kept a rain jacket or a bumbershoot handy.

Daylight Savings these days is much more of a pain in the keister--trying to ease my girls into new time rhythm, while adjusting my church preparation. Taking away an hour for Sunday prep is a big deal. I would just as soon get rid of it. We are foolish to attempt time manipulation--Daylight Savings is the equivalent of setting all of your clocks ahead 10 minutes so you can get to where you need to be on time. It seems to be much ado about nothing, even with its intended purposes.

Daylight Savings is not enough of a pain for me to write my congressional representatives, or move to Indiana or Arizona. I imagine New Hampshire might join that crowd just to be contrarian. We will always be a culture looking for a new way to defeat time. Good luck with that.

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