Friday, March 13, 2009

A Sign Of The Apocalypse: Rogue Lutheran Hobby Butchers Seek Partnership With Episcopalian Salt Makers

Lutherans have it in their DNA to split with each other over all kinds of things. Working together with Episcopalians pushed some Lutherans over the edge. Lutherans are a little cranky by nature--and they're getting ready for a fight (with attempts to be civil), in Minneapolis this summer. Sure, there's lots of business to attend to--but the press will flock to the discussion about LGBT clergy serving in ELCA churches.


What should Lutherans really be worried about? Rogue Lutheran hobby butchers like Mike Prussman who may partner with makers of Episcopalian salt and defy Lutheran teachings. It's just like those Episcopalians to slip under the radar of Lutheran bureaucracy before we can do anything about it at our Churchwide Assembly.

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