Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Homestretch Marked By The Long Run

I hit a new running benchmark today, running a little over ten miles for the first time since my 30th birthday (almost nine years ago). I have one week to go before my five mile race. I've trained well, averaging about 20 miles per week since October. I've stayed away from speedwork, but I have embraced the weekly Friday or Saturday long run. I'm pretty dead afterward, but those endorphines during the 90 minutes or more I am out there are great for my soul. The five miles next Saturday will seem short compared to today. My only fear is that I haven't done much practice with my pacing. This being my first race in nine years, some of the adrenaline rush and nerves will feel familiar, but I have also never competed in a race this long. My career of distance running consists of cross-country courses in high school and 5k runs in my early adulthood. I think I am wise enough not to get too entangled in other's paces--I'll enjoy the race and get a charge out of the race day energy.

I feel like I'm inching toward a marathon in 2010 or 2011...we'll see how this goes.

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