Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blogging and unemployment

I wonder about the relationship between blog posts nationally and unemployment numbers. My guess is--unemployment up, blog posts up. Unemployment down, blog posts down. At least that's how it works for me.

There's no way I can keep up this kind of blogging pace outside my home, fully employed, unless I use a blog as sermon preparation. I've rediscovered that I like the writing life--and my writing life is a bit like my running life. I like to make the decisions; when writing or running becomes work, they aren't as fun. Maybe that's why I'm less likely to make a living as a writer. I'm still pondering my Tess review--this book overflows with topics for consideration. At least I finally finished the book! It only took me nearly 6 months...

Today is going to be mostly a homebody day. I'll probably walk the kids to the park and read a little Tobias Wolff while the kids run around the soccer field. Then I'll come home and watch the Mariners play this morning while I fold laundry (what a game last night! Thanks Branyan and King Felix for the thrill!). The girls have become connoisseurs of jungle gyms, and this one close to our home is below average. Even though we go to that park at least once a week, they barely notice that play set any more. We all like the soccer field by our house. It actually has good sight lines, I think an architect must have been part of this plan. I can sit on a little perch a few hundred feet from the field and see everything they do. I think the girls like the freedom of running around where they want on their own time. I guess we're peas in a pod.

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