Saturday, July 25, 2009

Half-marathon training

After running somewhere around 11 miles this morning, I learned that at this point in my life and fitness level that I will function better as a winter trainer for spring long races. It's only 70 degrees out right now, but I was seriously gassed the last mile or two.

I could say that my body works better in the cool weather (I've always struggled with heat, even in my more fit days)--I could also be real with myself and say that I'm carrying around 50 or so extra pounds. How much easier would that run be if I wasn't carrying that much extra weight? Today was an important day to get out--the weather in the next week would have caused me to tread dangerous ground to make a long run, and I don't have to do another long run for two weeks now. Next Saturday is interval training that won't take me 2 hours.

Regardless of my condition, I still enjoy getting outside for a little reflection time--time to give thanks, to think about my sermon, to think about my family and our hopes and goals. Running and training will not change as long as I am wise about training. I do wonder when I'm going to get really serious about how much extra weight I'm carrying around, or how long I'm going to make excuses. They have to stop.

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