Tuesday, July 07, 2009

An evolving relationship with coffee (part 4)

Yesterday as we drove into a strip mall area with a whole host of eating establishments, coffee houses and drive-thru windows, my two-year old daughter clearly proclaimed, "Daddy, I want a latte!" Indeed, these kids pay attention in more ways than we know.

The previous day, after an awfully hot day in a church with no air conditioning (not unusual for Western Washington), a frail woman in her 80's asked me, "are you one of those young Lutheran pastors who doesn't drink coffee?" It was like I never left the Northern Great Plains/Upper Midwest. Is it only Lutherans who drink hot coffee in a 90 degree building with no air circulation? It tastes bad enough as it is, but to drink hot coffee during a sweat-fest in which I almost passed out during my sermon (at least I didn't have to sit through it) makes little sense.

Such is the life of an elderly Coffista.

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