Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A double dose of brain spam (and more on Klosterman)

If a neuroscientist reader comes across this blog, maybe I could be enlightened by the science behind a song that gets "stuck in my head (or I could Google this concept)." Sesame Street and other PBS Kids' tracks were touched off by a repeat shuffle button behind my ear, but the Michael Jackson songs have taken the repeat function to a new level. At least they're songs that I tend to like:

"Black and White"
"The Way You Make Me Feel"
"You Wanna Be Starting Something"
"Rock With You"

While bathing the kids this evening I found that I sang a medley weave of "Rug Time (which has evolved into my rendition called 'Bath Time)," from Sid The Science Kid, and "Black and White." I'm wondering what kind of shelf life this double dose of brain spam will have. I'm guessing until my oldest goes back to school. Or at least until my dear wife stops taking interest in the Jackson stories. At least she didn't take the day off to watch the memorial service.

By the way, Chuck Klosterman described some of Jackson's songs using the word "awesomeness." This is not a word that seems to fit his repertoire, but considering his articles on The White Stripes, Radiohead and Robert Plant, Klosterman possesses enough music credibility to say whatever he wants about music--his knowledge base, research and published credits give him plenty of credibility.

I'm just living in a Groundhog Day of catchy songs.

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