Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hot, hot, hot

I grew up without air conditioning, then I live with it for 8 years, and without it I turn into a bigger wimp than I ever imagined. Indeed, Cascadia residents don't know how to live with weather extremes. They can't stop talking about it. It only takes the mere hint of a snow storm or 90 degrees and the lead story on Seattle news is firmly established in weather pandemonium. The snow storm of late 2008 and record amount of consecutive 90 degree days and threat of all-time temperature high in Seattle (102) has caused its authors to get literary in their heat observations.

Truly, without air conditioning and sitting in uncharacteristic heat, it's difficult not to sit around and think about how hot it is. I played a little Wii this morning, did a very short workout, did some writing, --anything to forget about how hot it is. We may have to camp out at my grandmother's home tomorrow. The girls don't seem to notice--they just get lethargic and drink more lemonade. Off to the pool and to the movie later today.

Stay cool, Cascadia, it will soon be over (maybe).

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