Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Listening...(July 28, 2009 edition)

Right Here--Little Brother, Median & Symbolyc One & Illlmind
Audience of One--Rise Against
They Put Her In The Movies--Jason Falkner

I'm still stuck on this Whiskeytown song--I can't get enough of it. It's under 3 minutes, and I think the time serves the song well.

Some things sound/taste/smell/look better in their place of origin. Herring tastes fabulous in Denmark, can't say I've enjoyed it anywhere else. Red Hook tastes better here. Roasted pork loin tastes far better in Iowa and South Dakota than anywhere else. I've always liked Heart, but they're not a favorite. Now that I'm back in King County, Seattle-based Heart sounds amazing. The bass line from "Heartless" is funky, powerful, rocking. I love running to this song or playing it on my chores soundtrack. Great song to revisit, if only for the bass line.

I am no hip-hop authority (shocking, I know), but a good sampling can draw me into a hip-hop track. "Right Here" has a soulful, haunting, yet celebratory and meditative sampling. The sampling creates the foundation of the track, but it doesn't grate by being obnoxiously repetitive. I know nothing about the artists or the track, but I'm enjoying the poetry, musicianship and electronic artistry. A great find on the iTunes free download several months ago.

The Jason Falkner songs are usually well done, and I've moved on to a new Falkner track on which I can get pleasantly stuck.

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