Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Media Roster (July 9, 2009 edition)

Though I feel like Luddite on certain tech trends, and I am nowhere near being a true trend setter; I am probably a late early-adapter. I love my Google Reader (to many of you, this is no big deal). For a once aspiring journalist with journalism in his blood and currently living as a stay at home parent, it IS a big deal.

I used to spend too much time moving from website to website finding my favorite writing; now I can get my favorites and find others in minutes. I've created my own online newspaper--I don't have to deal with slow, expensive and poorly delivered subscriptions. I still like my newspaper, but I LOVE my Google Reader (I even get a few more free stats about my own blog through the Reader). I haven't quite figured out my threshold for subscriptions, but my new media reality with Google Reader is crafted a little bit like a baseball roster.

On the roster (blogs and podcasts I read/listen to regularly):

*Mariners Blog-Geoff Baker-Seattle Times
*Paul Krugman (Economist and NY Times Columnist)
*U.S.S. Mariner (The essence of Seattle Mariner Geekdom)
*Lookout Landing (See USS Mariner)
*Husky Football-Bob Candotta-Seattle Times
*Seth's Godin Blog (Marketing sage, but a lot more interesting than marketing itself--I would call this "ideas shared.")
*The Chronicle (Of Higher Education): Brainstorm (Scholars and educator commentary on education and the world at large)
*Church Marketing Sucks (A deeper reflection on the public Church)
*The dish--Keith Law (an ESPN baseball writer, but only partially baseball oriented--more books, music and food writing)
*Patchwork Nation (a deeper, more accessible look at American demographics on the county level from the Christian Science Monitor)
*Bleeding Blue and Teal (See U.S.S. Mariner)
*Bill Simmons-ESPN (Great sports and pop culture commentary, though a little too much professional basketball (with a league I will not name) for my taste)
*Matt Taibbi's blog | The Smirking Chimp (political commentary)
*TheoBilly (my good friend, and a good pastor)
*PTI "Pardon The Interruption" Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon (The only journalists that I'm willing to listen to scream about anything-I miss Tony's radio show)
*Real Time with Bill Maher (Though he can be too much of a screamer at times, the comedy and swearing help)

I have several others I read and try, but only these are on the 25 blog/podcast roster.

Recently dropped and sent to the minors:
Keith Olberman
Rachel Maddow
These two seem more like propagandists than journalists or commentators. They served a purpose while I lived in the Sioux Falls bubble and traversed isolated South Dakota. I can't stand listening to Olberman and Maddow anymore.

We shall see how this roster develops--I would appreciate hearing about your favorite items in your own online newspaper.

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